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We actively support missions efforts in the former Soviet Block - Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova as well as countries such as Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti. We ship numerous humanitarian air containers per year to impoverished or crisis-afflicted regions. Our missions teams are sent several times a year to participate in orphanages, church buildings, reconstructions, and evangelism efforts.

Made available for all.

We are passionate about meeting the spiritual, fellowship, and leadership needs of our ethnically diverse community.

Bethany Slavic Church offers services in Russian and in English. With the majority of our leadership and laypersons being from Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, and others), we hold these separate services to accommodate everyone and break the language barriers within out community.

Our Russian Sunday service starts at 9 am, followed by the English service at 11:30 am. The nursery is open every Sunday for both services, accommodating children under the age of 3. From fall through spring, we offer Sunday morning classes for kids aged 4 and 5, evening service at 6 pm, and evening Sunday school classes for our young students.

Your time to get involved.

Bethany Slavic Church has numerous active ministries that serve the needs of the local community as well. We have active Children's Ministry, Youth Ministry (Lighthouse Ministry), Young Married Couples Ministry (The Next Phase Ministry), Men's Ministry, Woman's Ministry, Music Groups and Choirs, Seniors' Weekly Socials, Prayer Meetings, Bible Studies, and Small Groups.

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Streaming live services is a great way to stay connected with our church family.

Whether you cannot make it to service or have friends or family members abroad who can't go to Bethany's Slavic Church service, watching BSC service LIVE or after the scheduled broadcast is an incredible opportunity for them to experience our church and participate in the worship and teaching.

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